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Notes from meeting and action on October 19, 2011

We, as representatives of the Occupy Canon City group, agreed that we stand, first and foremost behind the Occupy Wall Street group, and their ideals. Agreed to make signs stating that we support Occupy Wall Street.

We agree that we are uncomfortable with the End the Fed group, their Anonymous masks, and their elect Ron Paul agenda and feel it is confusing the message of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Canon City.

As there were no End the Fed folks present at the meeting, we could not come to a resolution of these issues and decided instead to move all Occupy Canon City actions to the Veterans Park on the West end of Canon City.

We agreed that there will be no candidate signs at any Occupy Canon City actions, nor will there be signs promoting other ideas or websites not involved with promoting the Occupy Wall Street Message. (See Declaration of Occupation for relevant topics for signage.)

We decided not to pursue McClain’s offer of helping Occupy Canon City become a non-profit entity, as this is a movement for the people, by the people and does not follow a business model of any variety.

We decided, in the spirit of health and general politeness, that all smokers should move their smoking activities away from the group and group’s children.

It has been shared that if we would like to reserve the community space in the Sunflower building, we must give McClain at least one week’s notice.

A new Occupier has a lead on another space for meetings, north on 9th st. Waiting for more information on that.

We all agreed that Occupy Canon City needs to grow as a movement and are talking about how to spread the message, in support of Occupy Wall Street.

We agreed that Occupy Canon City will respect and remain off of private property, unless otherwise invited to be there. This means that we will remain in the public right of way or in park spaces when holding actions.

We agreed that Occupy Canon City will clean up after its group activities, leaving no trash, litter, or cigarette butts behind, and leave the Occupied site in as good a condition, if not better than the condition we found it in.

We agreed on next Occupy Canon City action to take place in Veteran’s Park on Sunday, October 23, at 12pm.


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3 thoughts on “Notes from meeting and action on October 19, 2011

  1. Our support may have to be in spirit only at this point. There are too few of us to have the actual numbers to occupy a park or city hall ground permanently. But we can go “country” on em. We have to get clever. This town has some kind of bad karma or something because groups don’t survive. Movements of any kinds, business’ don’t last long. The energy can’t get going. The most successful group has been CCAT almost single handedly done by one woman, Jeri Fry. Another group has been those trying to get cristo to come for 12 years. When we first moved here we read the paper daily. We were struck by the infighting in almost every charity, the city council, chamber on and on. These people do nothing but bicker over who has control and what’s in it for me. Egad! where have we moved to? My experience has been pretty much a bust as far as involvement in about anything because of petty ego trips, being yelled at and general disrespect from many quarters. My first reaction is something wrong with me perhaps. I then realize I did nothing but voice an opinion or try to help. Stepping on turf has a thinner line here if you know what I mean. The other Occupy with End the Fed supporting his online business seems to have stopped being on the corner of 9th??? I just checked and the facebook for it is not there. what? don’t know? Its okay. His end the fed is echoed in the movement but Ron Paul is not at all. He knows that. So that is okay for what it is worth. If he wanted to get a concensus from the GA he would do that. We realy don’t have a traditional GA. Some of the best supporters live up the river by an hour. Western Fremont is more progressive than the east half. It is the third largest county in the state with only 45,000 people counting 5000 prisoners. It did not grow in ten years to speak of. (@250) folks. We lost 650 kids in the school system in the same time. Families can’t survive here so they leave many in 07-08. It is hard to fight for causes when you are just trying to survive. Many in rural America know what is going on since big agra went after the family farm. We can and will prevail now that more and more people are not just waking up they realize they aren’t alone.

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  3. BillyBob sucks on said:

    You guys still exist huh? Who would have thought that. If you want to get more people to “follow” you, don’t ban them from your facebook group when they disagree with you, don’t kick other groups away from your area, and do not bash the groups that are already here. Just some food for thought.

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